Sports Fan Mail

Fan Mail [1993] Mike-Sports


This is a correspondence between Dunn and Mike, who is also a basketball player and a previous student at Hofstra

[Hofstra Special Collections:Stephen Dunn Collection Box 7 Folder 1]

Fan Mail [1994] Mike-Sports


Correspondence between Mike and Dunn continued.

[Hofstra Special Collections:Stephen Dunn Collection Box 7 Folder 3]

These are two letters, the first written in 1993 and the latter 1994, that detail a fan's account of his time at Hofstra. The first letter mentions how much he, Mike, enjoyed Dunn's poem "Basketball and Poetry" and that he was also in attendance at Hofstra University while Dunn was also there. Furthermore, Mike also notes that he also played basketball at Hofstra while Dunn was there! Mike attended Hofstra from 1959-1964 and who knows maybe this is the same young freshmen Dunn mentions in his NPR interview?! 

The second letter, again, from Mike wishes Dunn all the best. This letter also congratulates Dunn on the publication of New and Selected Poems and Walking Light. The letter also tells us that Dunn did indeed respond to the first letter from Mike.